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I'm in, but how do we do it?

Every day we make decisions about where to spend our money and time sending signals about what we value. Local Maker provides resources for shoppers, retailers and product brands aimed at shifting dollars toward small businesses doing big things.

Founder, Ashley Seamans, designed Local Maker as a foundation for connecting shoppers, retailers and artisans to feed the small business ecosystem and shape the future of our communities. The LM Guide is a virtual resource, curated based on the LM Core Values to help shoppers find great indie retailers whether at home or on the road. You can trust that when you see the "Local Maker Approved" endorsement you will not be disappointed. 

There is no LM Guide without the shopkeepers and artisans working hard every day to build their businesses and delight their customers. LM services are geared towards helping product brands and retailers run successful, fulfilling businesses and give future generations the confidence to pursue their dreams. Learn more...