COVID-19 | Event UPDATES & Free business support


LAST UPDATED 03.17.2020


The Local Maker team is always focused on maintaining a safe environment for our customers, cleaning between events and encouraging employees to stay home when sick. In addition to these normal practices, we believe at this time it is also crucial for us to make changes to our business practices as good citizens of this community. We are choosing to limit our interaction with the public to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 and the potential burden on our healthcare system. We are confident that there is little to no risk of contamination in our shipping process and therefore our online store will stay open and operational. 

 We will use this page to provide updates on our approach as the expert information available to us changes.


We believe it is our responsibility as a leader in our community to exercise an abundance of caution and to take steps to reduce the impacts on others. Therefore, we have canceled or postponed workshops and events OF ANY SIZE through the end of March. We will then comply with the State of Massachusetts regulation prohibiting gatherings of more than 25 people through April 6th. Beginning April 6th, we will increase that capacity threshold to 50 people in alignment with the CDC guidance and will maintain that threshold until at least May 10th which is approximately 8 weeks from now. 

Unless we receive new information from the experts, our Monthly Party + Market Series which is an open public event, is canceled through the end of April and we will only be hosting controlled ticketed events in the meantime. We feel this is the best way to ensure we are able to continue hosting smaller events (providing some form of normalcy) while also limiting exposure to our guests and employees.


Our online store is open for shopping, and we are taking appointments via facetime, please reach out to us at for a virtual yet personal tour. 

If you are a Retail Buyer and have questions about delaying your shipments, please contact Our brick and mortar Showroom is closed for appointments for one week but we are taking limited Showroom appointments for Retail Buyers beginning March 23rd.


This is a trying time and no one truly knows the best way to navigate it. We are learning together and the best we can do here at Local Maker is offer support and provide our expertise to any small business owner who needs it. 

If you are trying to move any or all of your business online I can specifically offer you a free Shopify development site which you can use to build your online store and is free until you launch. I have had a successful career in sales, marketing, operations and finance and am also the owner/operator of two small businesses (Local Maker and Noted Candles). I work with many other business owners across retail/services/manufacturing and am happy to share any insight I can to help you now and in the future. I love this community and will do whatever I can to help you all through this.

Please email me directly if you are interested in taking me up on the offer to help in any way I can, We're in this together and there is a community here to help ensure that when this passes, which it will, you emerge even better off.


SBA Emergency Loans

The state of Massachusetts among others, has filed for emergency disaster relief with the US Small Business Administration (SBA) which has activated low interest rate loans for small business impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak. Those funds have now been made available via an application which can be found via the MGCC COVID-19 Loan Fund page.

Please continue to also check the MA State government website for other sources of aid and relevant information for MA small business owners which will be more readily available in the coming days/weeks. If you are not a MA based business you will need to look for more information on your own state website. 

Stay safe and stay sane. We will get through this.