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The Local Maker Guide

A curated map of the best retail in the country.

Local Maker has strictly curated this list based on the LM core values, style preferences and personally visiting each business before giving this endorsement. Use the map below to search in your area or discover the best shopping wherever you are traveling next. 


Local Maker Core Values

Local Maker is a celebration of American craftsmanship and a commitment to supporting neighborhood small businesses. By thinking differently about how we "consume" we will leave the world a better place than how we found it. The LM Guide  is a collection of shops worthy of the "Local Maker Approved" endorsement. These businesses are a reflection of each-other: if you like one, you will love the rest.

Criteria for Endorsement:

1. Independently owned and operated in the region in which they are based.

2. Commitment to selling handmade, local, vintage/repurposed or sustainable and eco-friendly goods whenever possible.

3. Aligns with the LM aesthetic, places a strong emphasis on design, quality and customer experience.