Fraser Fir Glass Jar Candle
Fraser Fir Glass Jar Candle

Fraser Fir Glass Jar Candle

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Cozy feel of winter, mild citrus top notes with earthy, forest undertones.

Made from 100% soy derived from US farms and phthalate-free, quality grade perfume oil. Each cotton braided wick is lead-free to ensure a chemical-free burning experience. No added dyes or other nasties. Each lid is customized with a unique paper insert for a little pop with each open.

Original: 8 ounces | 45 hours burn time
Double: 16 ounces, Two Wicks | 65 hours burn time

Handcrafted in small batches in Boston, MA.

Tips from the chandler: Trim wick to ¼ inch before each and every burn to prevent soot buildup around glass. Cover candle after each burn to prevent dust and other air pollutants from settling on the surface. Always keep an eye on a lit candle and keep out of reach away from little ones.